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Fitnol is an Application where all fitness people come together in one place. Hire personal trainer or nutritionist, buy fitness or nutrition courses, share your fitness activity or knowledge in the community chat, read and learn from the fitness blog with hundreds of articles, challenge others and test your fitness knowledge with our quests and puzzles. Start your fitness life cycle with an egg and raise it to the strongest dragon.

Awesome Features


connect with your trainer or nutritionist anytime


add your fitness or nutrition courses easily

Fitness Blog

easy to read and save it to your profile

Chat community

connect and share your fitness activity and knowledge with others


start developing and raising your dragon with your fitness activities and points

Quests and Challenges

fitness questions and quests, motivation and challenges

How Fitnol Works

Modern, Powerful and Creative

Fitnol is an easy and simple app to use, the registration process will not take more than 2 minutes. You can choose to register as a trainee or register as a trainer or nutritionist. After the registration process you can view the app and see what Fitnol has! You must subscribe to be able to use all the features in the app and be a part of the Fitnol Community. After subscription, you can start your fitness journey. For trainees, you can hire trainer or nutritionist online to help you in your training or diet, and keep checking your progress, or simply buy a course that will help you reach your goal. Also, you can read from the fitness blog that has nutrition advices and workout programs.

For trainers, you can register in the app and add your fitness specialty, add a course or nutritional diet plan. Fitnol App will the fitness lifestyle fun and engaging. Keep motivating people to change their lifestyle or improve their fitness. Many features are included in the app that will make fitness a part of the everyday regime.

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